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Need adjustments on your current clubs? Confirm lies & lofts are adjusted to your specifications? Maybe new grips - right sized for your hand characteristics?
PARfect Swing provides it all; from our brand new industry leading True Blue Lie/Loft machine to our technician who has more than 30 years experience with every element of club repair.

Item Name
Change spikes on Golf Shoes (customer provided spikes) remove old spikes, clean sole & install new spikes (per pair of shoes) $19.99
Change spikes on Golf Shoes (includes spikes) remove old spikes, clean sole, install new spikes provided by PARfect Swing (per pair of shoes) $39.99
Club Tune-up Package (set) lie/loft check to factory spec & adjustments as necessary + lie & loft charting $50.00
Custom Wedge stamping custom wedge stamping, PS applied stamping for customization of wedges. Cost is per letter $4.00
Drill out drilling out a broken piece of shaft in the hosel $15.00
Install Customer Provided Grips customer provides the grips for us to install $5.00
Install Grips purchased at PARfect Swing grip installation (grips purchased from Parfect Swing) $3.00
Lie & Loft Adjustments utilizing the state of the art True Blue lie/loft machine, our technician will check & just lie/lofts to customer specifications $5.00
Lie/Loft charting (per club) chart of existing lie(s)/loft(s) of your golf clubs $2.00
Re-attach head to shaft re-attach head to shaft using permanent glue $10.00
Reshaft (bore thru required) reshafting bore through head $30.00
Reshaft Fee (Steel or Graphite) reshafting fee + price of the shaft $15.00
Resize Grip resize grip to spec $12.00
Shaft Extensions shaft extensions $10.00
Shafts shafts quoted quote
Shorten Club (able to save grip) shorten club (able to save grip) to customer specification $10.00
Spikes (pkg of 14) for Golf Shoes spikes (pkg of 14) for golf shoes $19.99
Spikes for Golf Shoes  (each) spikes for golf shoes  (each) $1.50
Swing Weight adjustment (per club) calibration of swing weight & adjustment as necessary $15.00

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