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MEN’S LEAGUE [OCTOBER 27 - DECEMBER 29] (10 weeks) $150/pp

LADIES LEAGUE [OCTOBER 26 - DECEMBER 28] (10 weeks) $150/pp



  1. All registrations should be received no later than October 25, 2020 for fall league play.
  2. Our leagues are a 9 hole format once per week. But we are a little different from everyone else this year. A bit cheaper and you are not constrained to specific times. You can play as a single or play as a group but, in all cases, you simply use your own simulator hours to get your round in. For instance, many will choose to practice for 20 minutes then play their round, which should take about 1/2 hour then finish with some weekly competitions, Closest to Pin & Beat the Pro.
  3. Vacationing? Play a couple rounds back to back to make up for the week(s) you expect to miss. You can play ahead but not behind.
  4. Rounds can be played at any time 7 days a week but we suggest, if you are playing with the same group each week, to pick a time and we will prebook that simulator time for the entire league play season.
  5. Handicaps - We use Golf Canada handicaps for all golfers. Any golfers without an established Golf Canada handicap will be assessed a handicap retroactively based on the first 5 weeks of league play.
  6. PARfect Swing will choose a different course each week. Rest assured it will be a world-renowned track challenging your ingenuity and shot making skills.
  7. We use TRACKMAN League Play software to track tournament/league play throughout the season. A digital scoreboard will be available to monitor standings.



Contests are add-on competitions in addition to the aggregate League Play season:

Closest to the Pin ($5 entry fee)

Each week every league player has the option of participating in the Closest to the Pin competition. Winners from the Men’s & Women’s league win a prize that week + are entered into the end of year (league) finals.

Beat the Pro ($10 entry fee)

Each week, every league player has the option of kicking a Parfect Swing professional’s you-know-what! All successful butt kickers double their money in shop credit, all unsuccessful butt kickers get their $10 entry fee back in shop credit. Does that mean you can’t lose? Yes, that’s exactly what it means!!!


END OF YEAR (league)

1st, 2nd & 3rd place for Men’s & Women’s Leagues


Each week + Finals competition at end of league play


Double your money in shop credit OR get your entry fee back in shop credit (no losers here!)

  If you don't see something you like here and want to organize your own league, prizes etc., we can help! 
Give us a call to help organize.

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