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    2022 FALL League October - December (10 weeks) $150/pp

    + optional Weekly contests Closest to the Pin ("CTP") and Beat the Pro ("BTP")



    1. You can play as a single or play as a group but, in all cases, you simply use your own simulator hours to get your round in. Vacationing? Play a couple rounds back to back to make up for the week(s) you expect to miss. 
    2. The 2022 FALL League will begin on Monday, October 17, 2022. Please have your first rounds completed by 11PM Sunday October 24, 2022.
    3. Expect that 9 holes will take the average golfer about 1/2 hour to complete.
    4. Rounds can be played at any time 7 days a week but many groups may want to book weekly scheduled times to play.
    5. Handicaps - Trackman released a completely new version of Tournament software on December 15, 2020. Handicapping is now exclusively “virtual” - the system will evaluate every round you play in the tournament and automatically adjust your “virtual” handicap each round. The only inputed handicap index we use is for the 1st round for those who do not have a virtual handicap.
    6. The FALL League Fee is $150+tax (equivalent to $15/round). The League fees are utilized as follows; minimum 80% returned to participants through prizing; 20% for administration. Simulator hours to play rounds can be purchased as you need them or by the package.
    7. Please remember that when logging into the Tournament each week, you will use “Trackman Sign In”, not “Guest”. If you are playing with a non tourney participant, enter their name as a “Guest”.
    8. We will report weekly results and season standings each week for individuals on their own ball and on their Best Ball competition.
    9. For those of you that are signing up but have never played on a golf simulator before, we suggest you book a couple sessions beforehand to get used to the sims. While they are accurate, certain shots (like chipping and putting) may feel a little different than on the actual golf course and the sim artificial turf always presents as perfect tight lies (unlike outside)



    Contests are add-on competitions in addition to the aggregate League Play season:

    Closest to the Pin ($5 entry fee)

    Each week every league player has the option of participating in the Closest to the Pin competition.

    The FALL League is a little different too! All money collected over the season goes into the pot. Whomever has the lowest “average” distance from the cup (minimum 5 CTPs must be purchased) at the end of the season takes 80% of the pot ie. $500 total collected, winner gets $400 shop credit. 20% to cover administration, credit card fees etc.

    Beat the Pro ($10 entry fee)

    Each week, every league player has the option of trying to take down a PARfect Swing pro/staff member! Win and you double your money in shop credit, lose and you get your $10 entry fee back in shop credit. Does that mean you can’t lose? Yes, that’s exactly what it means!!!





    An email is now available that will explain all rules, descriptions of the 10 rounds including tees played, descriptions of the Closest to the Pin and Beat The Pro holes etc. Email us and call us to receive a copy.

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