Importance of Club Fitting

Clubs that are too short or too long may be altering your ideal posture affecting your game by making repeatable swings nearly impossible.
  • Variables such as posture, athleticism, even hand size will determine how the clubhead will impact the golf ball
  • Uneven Lie angles (how the clubhead “lies” on top of the ground when addressing the ball) may lead to “toed” or “heeled” shotmaking
  • Overly stiff shafts may be compromising the amount of lag achieved in your swing costing you distance off the tee

PARfect Swing recognizes that your swing is unique — what’s right for you won't be for someone else. Right sizing your clubs will ensure your equipment is not holding you back from reaching your true potential!

We use the very latest Trackman technology to examine your golf swing and ensure our visual examination of your swing matches up with the various data elements Trackman provides.

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Club Fitting Rates

Our pricing is simple & straightforward for you:
  • Driver
  • Fairway wood / Utility
  • Irons
  • Wedges
  • Putter
  • Full Bag

Master Fitter Rates

Our Master Fitter has 30 years experience and is available to fit you at PARfect Swing.

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