What is Trackman Golf? Here’s how it helps you improve your game

  • Zack Creed
  • May 2020
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Whether you’ve tried indoor golf yourself or have only read about it online, chances are you’ve come across TrackMan, known to some people as the most accurate golf launch monitor in the world.


Golf’s governing bodies use it, PGA Tour pros swear by it, and broadcasters use TrackMan Golf’s data to enhance the TV experience.


It’s also what we use here at Parfect Swing for all of our private lessons and virtual golf at our Oakville indoor golf facility.


That all being said, though, what exactly IS TrackMan? 


And more importantly, how will it help you improve your golf game?



TrackMan Golf is a technology for golfers of all skill levels that gives you feedback so you can find issues with your golf swing and correct them. 


In short, TrackMan helps you get better, faster. 


Using two separate radars — one that tracks your club and another that tracks the ball — you can get immediate feedback on your shot shape, club information, and ball information that will tell you exactly what your ball is doing in flight.


Hitting golf balls is very important to improving your skill, but if you’re not getting any information or feedback on what the ball is doing or what your club’s doing through impact, it’s going to be very hard to identify and fix any issues. 


Instead of having to hit 100 shots to figure out what the issue is, in about three or four swings while using TrackMan, you can immediately identify what the problem is and begin correcting it before you ingrain too many bad habits or bad patterns.


Think of using TrackMan like getting an x-ray or an MRI for your golf swing. 


If you look at a person, you can’t really tell how healthy they are just from looking at them — you have to dive deeper and figure out what their core issues are. Using TrackMan is like having that ability to see through what the eye can see and actually get to the core of any golf problem a lot faster.


TrackMan is NOT just for Tour or elite-level players!


Certainly where TrackMan has made their name and where they’ve been really successful is with tour professionals and elite level players. After all, over 800 Tour players own their own personal TrackMan unit.


So there’s a common misconception that TrackMan is only a tool for professional players to use, but that’s certainly not the case.


In fact, we’ve had just about every kind of golfer come through our doors at Parfect Swing to use TrackMan — junior collegiate players, people trying golf for the first time, seniors, enthusiasts, and more. 


TrackMan is beneficial for players of all skill levels from beginners who just picked up the game all the way to tour players — everybody in-between can benefit from the information it provides.


As long as you’re interested in improving your golf game, using TrackMan is the fastest and easiest way to do that. Everybody has a place they want to get to with their golf game — whether it’s going from a 30 handicap to a 20 or trying to shave one stroke — and getting there can be frustrating and harder if you’re not getting feedback like what TrackMan provides.


Every golfer in the world of any skill level wants to know, “what’s my problem and how can I fix it?” And TrackMan just gives you the tools to be able to do that as quickly as possible.


Once you know what the problem is, it’s a lot easier to fix.


TrackMan’s instant video & statistical feedback shows you what to fix


TrackMan can be described as a launch monitor, dual-radar technology, indoor HD golf simulator, and more. 


But what does that all mean?


The most important part of TrackMan is the feedback it gives you, and there are two main categories of feedback it gives you: video and statistical (shown by the screenshot below).


a visual look at which data trackman golf gives you


At first glance, all of the statistics and numbers can look intimidating — don’t worry if you’re not sure what they all mean!


TrackMan features nearly 30 different metrics for each of your shots, ranging from easier-to-understand terms like club speed and spin rate of your ball, to more advanced terms like attack angle (the direction the club head is moving at impact) and smash factor (ball speed divided by club speed).


You don’t necessarily need to know what each specific stat means. But Tiger Woods agreed the numbers are helpful for your golf game. 


“There’s a lot of different numbers, a lot of different planes and attack angles and all that stuff, but understanding those numbers is relevant because they’re universal, they’re law,” Woods said in a post-round press conference. 


Video feedback is TrackMan’s other core category, and it’s incredibly helpful for diagnosing problems in your swing or being able to visually see why a particular shot you made felt better or went farther than others.  


Improving your golf game isn’t something that’s going to happen overnight and improving your scores doesn’t happen in a one-hour session, but it’s a fun progression. 


What the TrackMan reports do, what the feedback does, what the video does, what lessons with our pros here at Parfect Swing do is help take you through that progression a lot quicker. So if you dedicate a certain number of hours to your game per week or per month, you’re going to get feedback with TrackMan that’s going to make those hours more useful. You want to know where you’ve come from and where you’ve gotten to. 


As anybody who plays golf knows, bad habits come back quickly. So when those bad habits come back, you can look back on your best sessions and find out what that minor difference would be that would get you back to where you want to be.


If you’re committed and you’re serious about improving or getting to the bottom of the issues you’re having, we’re here to help you use TrackMan to feel better about your game.

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