The great Harvey Pennick oncesaid
“You must fit the swing to the body. You must be "yourself".

No truer words have been spoken, but these words are even more important when it comes to big and tall golfers — men above 6'2" and women above 5'8" who have longer bodies than most. Zack, our host professional, is 6-foot-7 he is well acquainted with the unique challenges facing the big & tall golfer. As a kid, his host professional called him “His Royal Arcness”, a testimony to the oversized “arc” he was creating in his full swing. Zack will share with you from personal experience how to maintain proper sequencing, posture, and connection throughout the golf swing as a tall golfer —  come learn from someone who shares your challenges and gets it!

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Lesson outline will include:

  • Sequencing the swing for Big & Tall
  • Staying connected from takeaway through the impact area
  • Posture and the importance of maintaining it through the swing
  • Properly fitted clubs - this is a must to achieve proper lie angles and more
  • Everyone’s different - we get it!
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